HeadHunters: Paths of Destiny

HeadHunters: Paths of Destiny

HeadHunters is a cutthroat, PvP combo-card game for 2-6 players, in which you try to become THE ONLY RULER OF AN ANCIENT, FANTASTIC WORLD.

You’ll reach this goal by outsmarting other players, thoughtfully using ACTION cards or else by using the skills assigned to heroes recruited by you and your kingdoms.

The RULER who creates the most powerful army will ensure victory!

Combo Card Game
Strong Negative Interaction
Euro Style Game
  • The game is won by the player who ends with the most victory points earned for the army they amass - from the teams they call up.
  • The game ends when one of the players is the first to create the final necessary team (their number depends on the number of players taking part).
  • Heroes are recruited by using aforementioned influence cards. Each player’s turn involves 1 action, which they can spend on using 1 influence card or other freely chosen actions.
Meeting Needs

This game is perfect for gamers wishing to feel power, compete, control and disrupt other players’ plans. Polish critics dubbed it “The Meanest Game of the Year” (meant as a compliment).

  • Gives feeling of creating ultimate combos
  • Allows you to manage heroes and using their crucial, powerfull skills
  • Trains thinking and revising plans and strategies
  • Helps to train memory
Main Features

Even if they lose a game, players will demand a rematch!


One player wins, the rest lose.


The players steal heroes or action cards and wreck each other’s plans.


Requires logical thinking, foresight and cunning.


Building and ruling over a huge army is a wonderfully unique experience.


Players collect cards to create the best combos in order to achieve the best results.

HEADHUNTERS is Perfect for:
  • Children (boys and girls) age 8-10 years (14+ limit for legal compliance) who like strategy-war fantasy style games.
  • Gamers who like combo style card games (e.g. Dominion, Magic: The Gathering).
  • Gamers who love highly competitive games where you can interrupt each other.
2 - 6
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