Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny

Labyrinth: Paths of Destiny is an exciting, dynamic adventure & fantasy board game for 2-6 players, in which they become ancient explorers and builders of a magical 3D labyrinth and at the same time epic heroes trying to reach its middle to gain immortality using incredible powers and found artifacts.

There can only be one winner of this race.

Winner of the Polish Game of the Year Gamers Choice Awards.
Ranked 2nd and 3rd in the Adventure Game Category.
All Copies Sold Out Within just a Few Month.

In order to win, players must secure the key to the central chamber and be the first to reach this chamber while avoiding the Keeper (Golem), traps, monsters and other players.

During the game, with each turn you can take any 2 of the following actions:
  • Basic: move the hero, build the labyrinth, leave traps, use the abilities of your hero or items,
  • Special (once per turn): move the Keeper of the Labyrinth, move a Monster, evoke powerful events,
  • Situational: climb or descend a bridge, fight another player.
Meeting Needs

The game contains an element of rivalry — it is possible to make life harder for other players by building the map in a certain way, setting traps, causing events or using items or abilities.

In Addition LABYRINTH:
  • Gives experience of adventure
  • Allow to feel pure exploration
  • Ensures fun of creation (building the labyrinth)
  • Fulfills desire of power (using powers of the heroes and items)
  • Provides the joy of race to victory
Why You'll Love It
Main Features

The board imitates 3D effects which is wonderful for developing spatial awareness and imagination.


Each decision influences the decisions of other players.


The game board is unique in every game, the heroes differ, traps and items are in different places.


The more you play, the more interesting possibilities you discover.


Players feel like they’re raiding dungeons filled with traps and become heroes with unique abilities, trying to pass various tests with 2d6 dice.


The game demands analytical skills to work out which moves are of greatest benefit at any one time.

LABYRINTH is Perfect for:
  • Children (boys and girls) age 8-10 years (14+ limit for legal compliance) who want to become epic heroes and like labyrinths. Families can play the game together.
  • Casual gamers who like adventure fantasy games (like Talisman, but prefer shorter, faster and less chance-based play).
  • Semi-casual gamers who are fascinated by “Dungeon Crawlers” (games set underground) and RPGs, where the decisions they make are crucial, but die rolls add a dose of randomness.
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