Moji Challenge: Animals Deck

Moji Challenge: Animals Deck

Moji Challenge is an exciting, fast-paced, funny card game series for all those who love to laugh (children, families & friends)!

Join your family members and friends in taking on fun MOJI-roles and wacky challenges of three different difficulty levels! If any of you manage to succeed, you will gain “FPs” – Fame Points!

The MOJI CHALLENGE: ANIMALS DECK will help you reveal your true, hidden nature! Are you a tiger or a pussycat? Discover for yourselves by meeting humorous challenges or else passing them onto your friends with a wicked smile! Yeah, let the Moji Games begin! 😀

Only one of you can be victorious – at the end, the winner will set the final MOJI-challenge for all the other players!

Role-Playing Silliness Great for Children
165 Challenges (3 Difficulty Levels)
Truth or Dare Style Solo or in Teams

The aim of the game is to discover which one of you is the most chilled player, ready to take on all challenges! The winner is the first person to score the right number of fame points! These are scored by completing silly challenges. You can play MOJI as a solo player or in teams!

  • Pick cards and choose the one you want to use!
  • Read out the card name and pick a player who will have to action it!
  • The person performing the action decides if they want to play for one, two or three points!
  • Time to read the instructions out loud! Will the chosen player meet the challenge? Time to start!
Meeting Needs

Our game is a perfect way to have fun, involving role playing and meeting various challenges!

It will help you discover all sorts of hidden challenges! MOJI will help you relax, connect with others, discover much much more about them and yourselves.

It is great for kids as well as adults, and can be played in pairs or in larger groups!

  • Will entertain with animal themed challenges
  • Will increase your creative and acting potential
  • Will turn each party into a fun adventure!
Main Features

It is perfect for people just becoming friends, as well as old buddies who think they know each other inside and out ;].


MOJI allows everyone to direct the course of the game, as well as active involvement by carrying out various challenges or taking part in actions being carried out by other players.


The rules take 5 seconds to explain. They are simple enough for anyone to be able to begin playing almost instantly!


MOJI has several parts, which is why you can adjust and pick the challenges which fit the mood of the party and those involved.


MOJI encourages everyone to enjoy themselves, but it is never forced. There is no obligation to do anything for anyone, allowing shy folks to have fun too.


There are enough challenges to ensure each game is fresh and new, even when the same players are involved! You can always use other game elements or combine them.


MOJI Challenge: Animals Deck is perfect for those who want to wake their inner animal and then watch your friends take on various animal-themed challenges! It is also ideal for:

  • Children (boys and girls) who can read and are learning to develop interpersonal skills
  • Teenagers (boys and girls) looking for games to play with their peers or else who want to experience and test the limits of their identity and individuality
  • Young adults (as a before or after party sweetener) who finally have time for wild, and often boozy, parties
  • Adults who want to remember that no matter what age they are there is always a good excuse to have fun and party hearty
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