OH YES! is a sensual card game for couples, allowing lovers to experience 31,920 pleasure scenarios!

The games are different every time, surprising and spontaneous. It’s pure action without thinking what to do, no unnecessary discussions or reading commands.

Each game involves 10 scenarios, resulting in months of pleasurable play for both partners. Players choose whether they take turns pleasuring each other, or whether one of them takes the initiative and control in love play.

Absolutely Simple
31 920 Love Scenarios
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OH YES! is a card game where four decks made up of 55 cards create sensual scenarios for partners to act out together!

12 “HOW?” cards x 19 “WHAT?” cards x 10 “WHERE?” cards x 14 “GADGET!” cards = 31,920 love scenarios.

The Game Has 4 Decks You Use In Play:
  • The “HOW” deck shows the sensual position the person being pleasured should get into.
  • The “WHICH?” deck indicates what will be used to caress them.
  • The “WHERE?” deck shows where they’ll be caressed.
  • The “TOY!” deck shows which additional accessories can be used!
Meeting Needs

OH YES! is perfect for those looking for easy, simple, pleasant and spontaneous games for couples without reading instructions which will freshen up relationships, adding new and surprising elements to lovemaking.

In Addition OH YES!:
  • Builds trust and closeness
  • Help overcome shyness
  • Opens players up to new experiences
  • Shows players how to communicate and ask for things in the bedroom
  • Helps players discover sensitive parts of their bodies and experience new ways of achieving ecstasy
  • Is a unique way of spending romantic nights together.
Main Features

Gives lots of possibilities to introduce variety into bedroom games.


The range of possible combinations makes each game unique.


Is dynamic and relatively short, even though it can be made longer and easy as easy as rolling the “love dice”.


You can easily remove some cards or make your own deck (according to your desires) before the game…


There is no need to read anything because the pictures suggest what should be done.


You never know what’s going to happen.

Target Group
OH YES! is Perfect for:
  • Adults (women and men) aged 18/21 to 35, who are in a relationship or are looking for adventure.
  • People who have a spontaneous and relaxed approach to reality. For whom lovemaking is not taboo. Who want intense experiences and enjoy surprises.
  • People who are looking for an interesting, exciting gift — for various occasions e.g. for a significant other, a friend or another couple.
  • The game is perfect for lovers of all sexual orientations.
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